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What is mas academy?

Our mission

Through our educational programs, technology initiatives and
consulting services in sales and marketing we achieve that all
our customers can sell more, faster and with less stress.

Our vision

We aspire to revolutionize the current educational model and the way of doing business in the world, turning these two into more effective, more aware and more fun models.

We hope that individuals, associations, governments and companies from all
type of products or services recognize that an excellent service is the
best way to sell and that daily apply initiatives that generate
a positive emotional connection between them and their customers to be more profitable, happier and have a greater impact.

Why do we do this every day?

Our values tell you



We know that protecting your energy is the way to
live an exciting and happy life and that having the
love and the discipline to focus that energy on
BIG projects is the best way to contribute
value to the world – do you agree? LIGHT UP! 🙂



We hate the cliché of the worker who
he wants everything, but he doesn’t give anything and what’s more, today, we have shown that we work more than any generation before and all for one
reason – Because working is fun and we love it
what do we do.



Our team has a huge passion to serve,
a gigantic desire to improve the lives of all
people we interact with and
we know that even something as simple as a
smile, how to take the time to read
and answer an email, how to remember the name
of someone, has made us who we are today:
The educational company with the greatest impact on
life of their students.

The virtual adviser of your enterprise.

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